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Low-Back Ancient (Pair)

Low-Back Ancient Pair

The Chinese & Indonesian furniture we see today is the culmination of a long tradition, which was already quite sophisticated by the Fourth Century B.C.. These classic domestic furniture pieces first attracted the attention of Westerners during the 1920's and 1930's when foreign residents began to quire pieces to furnish their homes. Our collection of Asian Antiques and artifacts includes chairs, tables, cabinets, screens and doors hand selected from various regions of China's north centrals areas such as Shanxi province, Tibet and Mongolia. Recent government decrees are now making it increasingly difficult to import these pieces out of China and other areas many of which survived the tragic Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976.
Our Price: $1,995.55

Product Code: FA461J


W: 25.25 D: 18.5 H: 39

Materials & Details:
Materials: Elm, Original Paint & Condition
Age: 230-280 years old
Origin: Shanxi Province, China