Making Old, New: Incorporating Antiques in a Modern Day Living Space

There’s a reason antiques and vintage items find a way into our homes. Not only are they remarkably beautiful and express uniqueness, but they also tell a story. We find that introducing a distressed wooden item or colorful antique pottery creates a well-traveled look and will be sure to intrigue any guests that enter your home. These pieces are not only attractive in a modern setting, but they also become a conversation piece and make a contemporary space feel a little less cold. Let's take a look at what antiques are currently popular in interior design.


For instance, these antique wooden stools are trending like crazy! Now that you’re reading this, you’ll be sure to recognize them in future furniture and design advertisements. As seen used by many notable interior design brands, these wooden stools are incorporated into a modern setting. They’re the perfect size to utilize as a spot table next to an accent chair, as an end table by a sofa, or even work beautifully by a modern freestanding bathtub. Don’t let their age deter you from utilizing them in a modern space. Just because they’re 150 years old doesn’t mean they can’t be a stunning accent.

Antique wooden benches at the end of a bed not only create an eclectic look, but are also useful for your beautiful pillows to be housed at night. Distressed wooden benches are also trending in a big way no matter the style of everything else around it. Such bench would also work well in an entryway, providing the "wow" factor you desire as soon as you open the door.

Antique pottery and sculptures have also been making a comeback in 2022 in every style of living space. From traditional to coastal, and boho to contemporary, incorporating antique sculptures and pottery into a space is an easy way to add color and style while incorporating an inspirationally international look.

Contemporary design style is beautiful as is, but by simply adding an antique sculpture or pottery like a distressed buddha or wooden vase, it will instantly soften the look and add interest to the space. The chinoiserie pattern looks magnificent in a calming coastal style and a vibrant Palm Beach design. Who doesn't love chinoiserie in a Palm Beach home?

As you can see, antiques create an intriguing look while softening the often cold feeling of modernism. If you've visited our showroom recently, you've seen how incorporating multiple design styles construct a curated look that we love. If you have any questions about the antiques on our floor, like wooden stools, benches, sculptures and antique pottery, or simply would like to share your thoughts on mixing old with new, email us at We'd love to hear from you!

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