New Year, New Style: 5 Steps to Creating a New Living Space

It’s a new year and with that comes the desire for change, whether it be as simple as a haircut or as elaborate as a brand new car. As we progress through the recently turbulent years, a living space refresh may feel like an absolute necessity for your New Year change. If you utilize neutral-toned seating arrangements, simply updating your decor is the most effective way to change the overall look and feel in your living space. Follow these 5 steps and your living space will feel brand new in 2022.

Pillows: Pillows are the easiest way to begin changing the color pallet and overall look in your space. With an unlimited amount of sizes, color options, textures and fills, it may feel overwhelming. First, decide which direction you’d like to go design wise. Maybe you’re interested in vibrant pops of color, or calming coastal blues. Whatever style you’re interested in creating, pillows can accomplish the task. We recommend 22”x22” sized down-filled pillows. These pillows can be used in style rotations for years to come.

Wall Art: Your taste changes and so should your art. Swapping new wall art is an easy way to completely revamp your living space. Utilize wall art above your sofas and on open walls to pull in your new color pallet. Remember, wall art is personal and should be adored by the owner of the home. These pieces will make your new space feel like you.

Lamps: Swapping out old lamps to pull in your new style will change the space immensely. Table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers are all available at Patrick Day. Brighten up your life and see the changes come together with your new lighting! 

Rugs: Introducing a new area rug is an incredibly effective way to change a space. If you’re lightening up the space and have a dark hardwood floor, go for a light toned rug. Going coastal and want to pull in that new navy accent color? Choose a vibrant pattern that will provide a gorgeous contrast against your neutral sofa. There are area rug options from our vendors for any look you’re trying to achieve, whether it be traditional to casual coastal.

Accessories: Accessories are the final touch that tie everything together. If you have an accent color, you can incorporate this into the accessories. Try to keep it simple and minimal, like a trio on a coffee table: A gorgeous permanent orchid with a tray and cocktail table book or decorative box is the perfect amount to add style without clutter.

After following these 5 steps, your living areas will look and feel completely new. Patrick Day Home Gallery is your one stop shop for accent pillows, wall art, table lamps, rugs and accessories. Visit us Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM and Saturday 10AM-4PM for all your new year, new living space refresh needs!