New Year, Fresh Start

It seems everyone is ready for a fresh start. A fresh start can mean anything from a new career, a new home or planning some changes to an existing home. Any way you look at it, the key is to be flexible. If you are planning a new home, there needs to be some clear objectives. At Patrick Day, we want to explore what makes a home relevant. What's important and what key elements identify a lifestyle. Granted, everyone's lifestyle will be different, but the needs within a home are basic. So what's important to you? Read further as we explore different ideas to get you ready for your fresh start!


Working from the kitchen table was kind of cute when you thought you would be doing it for only a few weeks. But now? Not so much. That’s why, in 2021 and beyond, a dedicated home office will become a necessity. So clear out that guest room junk and prepare it for working with a desk, chair and filing.


The great room, was a great room. However, now we have specific areas within our rooms organized for different tasks. A family room may have several tasks that need to be accomplished within the space. The same with a kitchen. We are utilizing every inch of space and creating functional workspaces for the areas. The same can be said for the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to put your workout gear next to a floor mirror and calling it your workout area. How ever you rearrange your existing furniture to fit the task, you’re going to have to determine the function of the space and then begin designing around that.

Re-Invent Organized Storage. Have a closet do double duty by opening up the closet and allowing built-ins with shelves to now house your books, collectibles and office supplies.

No one says that a closet needs to stay enclosed. If you can afford to build it into the closet, it will give your room more functionality.


Everyone knows that the easiest and quickest way to change a room is to add color. Today’s colors are inspiring our lives. And it’s as simple as accenting with color or using color on the walls. You decide what colors inspire you.


Layers of fabric, throws and pillows are also known as accessories. Could it be time to invest in drapes to keep some sunlight filtered? Are your sofa pillows looking flat? It may be time to invest in some plump and colorful new ones. Do you like to curl up with your favorite book or podcast? A fresh throw can make the area come alive. These layers add volume to a space, a way to invite the user in. Go ahead and layer up some new vibes.

With so many new products entering the marketplace, many companies will be fighting for your attention. Manufacturers pour thousands of dollars into advertising, but we believe in one simple principal; we do the research and come up with the best solution for you. Yes, we are a furniture and home décor retailer, but we are more than that. We do window treatments, plan and rearrange your existing rooms, hang mirrors and art and more. We are your partner and want to help you every step of the way to achieve your dream home.

We have been so blessed all these years with a great customers and we want to thank everyone for their continued support. We look forward to seeing and helping you with whatever fresh start you’d like to incorporate.