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Asian Antiques

There's nothing like an authentic, affordable Asian antique to add that "special something" to any room. The subtly aged patina of our 18th and 19th century exquisite antiques will further enhance any decor from traditional to tropical.

SKU#:FA393J W:84 D:14.5 H:37 Age: 150 yrs
SKU#:AA126J W:80.75 D:17.5 H:33.5 Age: 125-150 yrs
SKU#:FA446J W:78 D:14.5 H:37 Age: 200-250 yrs
SKU#:FA454J W:80 D:16.5 H:37 Age: 200-250 yrs
SKU#:FA455J W:81 D:13 H:34 Age: 160-200 yrs
SKU#:FA268J W:46 D:21.5 H:30.5 Age: 125-150 yrs
SKU#:FA457J W:63 D:19.5 H:33 Age: 150-190 yrs
SKU#:FA427J W:97 D:18 H:34 Age: 150-190 yrs
SKU#:FA456J W:74 D:18.5 H:33 Age: 120-150 yrs
SKU#:FA436J W:54 D:22 H:38.25 Age: 180-230 yrs
SKU#:FA212J W:56 D:17 H:34 Age: 100-125 yrs
SKU#:FA278J W:37.5 D:16 H:33.75 Age: 125-150 yrs
SKU#:FA281J W:37 D:12.5 H:33 Age: 100-125 yrs
SKU#:FA441J W:69 D:17 H:34 Age: 130-160 yrs
SKU#:N/A W:50.75 D:22.5 H:30 Age: 100-125 yrs

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