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How do I know what “look” is right for me?

Begin by asking yourself how you want your room to feel.  When you see something that taps your emotions – that creates that “Aha”, or “Ahh”, moment – study its components.  What combinations of furnishings, fabrics, colors, textures and accessories are being used that make that “look”, that lifestyle, come alive for you?
Where do I start?  I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the decorating I need to do! 
We hear this all the time.  Decorating your home should be a “fun project” and if it's become “a chore” then you're pushing some issue or thing too hard and trying to make it happen. Concentrate on one room or area at a time.  Finish it and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Too often we find that clients tend to do a little in this room and a little in that room and never get any one thing done -- and therefore never feel satisfied.  Let us help you set your priorities, complete an area, sit back and enjoy your accomplishment! 
I'm afraid that if I use a design professional, my home won't feel like me.

The real test of a well designed room isn't whether it's photogenic, but whether it works as intended for the people who live there.  Everyone wants an eye pleasing and attractive home, but we need them to be functional as well.  That's where the experience of a professional design consultant can prove invaluable. Let Patrick Day Home Gallery help you make your home a reflection of you and your lifestyle.
How should I work with a design consultant?
The question isn't how you should work with a design consultant, but how they will work with you.  A professional designer should help put your project into perspective:  who is going to use this room and how, whether it will be used for entertaining and what changes you may be planning for the home that could affect the design over time.  The professional should ensure that the finished project not only looks right, but accommodates your needs and performs to your expectations now and for years to come.
I keep buying stuff for my home, but I just can't get it to come together.  What am I doing wrong?
We hear this almost every day.  You need a plan:  a vision and some inspiration!  If you keep buying things here and there, they'll probably never end up working with each other and making the cohesive whole you want your home to be.  Find a design professional you like, who is listening to you and who understands your vision of the end result -- or who can help you create a vision that is right for you.  Then work with them and keep an open mind so that you can get “out of your box”.  The right professional should inspire you to new heights and help bring it all together for you.
How can I make my large room with high ceilings feel “homey” and comfortable?
Start by selecting warm, rich tones for color on the walls and continue with the proper scale furniture for the room using larger upholstered furniture with higher backs.  Then add a complimentary room sized rug and select the proper treatments for the windows to bring it all together.  Finish it off with fabulous pillows and exquisite accessories to add the right textures to the room.  This is where a trained designed consultant can help you select the right pieces for that finished “wow” room.
How can I make my small room feel and look larger?

Small rooms can easily feel confining and uncomfortable.  Fortunately, by utilizing the proper design concepts, we can fool the eye and make our rooms look larger.  First, use light and bright colored walls that are more reflective.  However, that doesn't mean you have to live with white walls!  Then select proper scale furnishings with smaller arms and lower backs that don't overwhelm the space.  Then consider angling your furniture.  Remember the longest straight line in any room is a diagonal, though you don't have to place the furniture at an exact 45 degrees.  Again, this is when a design professional can help you achieve a perfect, uncluttered, roomy look for your smaller spaces.
What's the single change I can make in my room to make the biggest difference?
Without seeing your room, our guess for the biggest impact:  change your wall color.  That, more than any other single component in a room, can set a whole tone and feel for what you are trying to achieve.  For instance, blues can often be cool, yet soothing; yellows can be bright and light and open; reds can be dramatic or confining; greens can be warm and livable.  A design professional can help determine which color palette is right for you and reflects who you are.

What's your interior decorating question or design dilemma?
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